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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<extension id="url_router" status="released" xmlns="">
<name>URL Router</name>
<description>Regex and Simplified Parameter based URL re-routing</description>
<repo type="github"></repo>
<url type="discuss"></url>
<url type="issues"></url>
<name github="symphonists" symphony="community">Symphony Community</name>
<name github="robphilp" symphony="robphilp">Robert Philp</name>
<release version="3.1" date="2014-10-29" min="2.4" max="2.5.x">
* [#20]( Fix routing on Symphony 2.4+
* Use `PageManager` instead of internal functions
* Ensure routes are returned when GET parameters are omitted
<release version="3.0" date="2014-08-13" min="2.4" max="2.5.x">
* Symphony 2.4+ support
* [#18]( Add success message when saving routes
* [#16]( Consistently use dollar notation instead of colon
* [#8]( When dealing with external URL's, strip the trailing slash that Symphony always adds to routes
<release version="2.0.3" date="2013-01-02" min="2.3" max="2.3">
* Bug fix for adding querystring parameters to the GET array, unless external
<release version="2.0.2" date="2012-08-22" min="2.3" max="2.3">
* Bug fix for localized backends not showing navigation menu item
<release version="2.0.1" date="2012-07-13" min="2.3" max="2.3">
* Bug fix for Symphony hosted in a subfolder. Thanks Nils Hoerrmann.
<release version="2.0" date="2012-06-05" min="2.3">
* Major release includes updates for 2.3
* Moved Routes onto separate page under Blueprints (Nils Werner, John Porter)
* Removed the update functionality as is a breaking release
<release version="1.3" date="2011-11-30" min="2.2">
* Rails-like routing. You may now use a syntax similar to `page-name/:user/projects/:project` for matching and reference each parameter by its name: `/new-page-name/:user/:project`
<release version="1.2" date="2011-09-28" min="2.2">
* Updates to add inline help to the Routes/Redirects in the preferences page.
* Core code change to wrap the routes and redirects in checks for stability, and to allow more control.
* Incorporate Root Page Params methods. Allows all 'index' page type parameters to be accessible from the root, as they should be.
* Add forcing of routing if page to route from exists.
<release version="1.1.1" date="2011-09-25" min="2.2" />
<release version="1.1.0" date="2011-09-25" min="2.2">
* Removed the global option to redirect routes.
* Changed the duplicator templates to allow either Routes or Redirects, instead of the global choice.
* Added updating logic.
* Added prevention of routing if the code is updated, but the extension reference in Symphony isn't. This is due to the functionality changing, and will prevent errors.
<release version="1.1.0" date="2011-09-25" min="2.2" />
<release version="1.0.1" date="2011-07-09" min="2.2">
* Bug fix to remove rogue query I forgot to remove, thanks [Vlad Ghita]( for spotting that one
<release version="1.0" date="2011-07-08" min="2.2">
* Update as Symphony Team takes ownership.
* Renamed extension class and folder to url_router.
* Manually merged @nickdunn's changes.
<release version="0.5" date="2011-03-01" min="2.2">
* Symphony 2.2 compatiability update
<release version="0.4" date="2010-08-31" min="2.0.7">
* Applied patches from pull requests to fix various issues including save failure when no redirects entered and pass-by-reference warning
<release version="0.3" date="2010-04-07" min="2.0.7">
* Remove `router.js` as it's no longer needed
* Fix error in save logic, no longer tries to write to `config.php`
<release version="0.2" date="2010-03-15" min="2.0.7">
* Only add `router.js` to the `/system/preferences/` page (was breaking other JS)
* Updated README with correct installation details
<release version="0.1" date="2010-01-13" min="2.0.7">
* Initial release, brief documentation forthcoming.