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Simplified notation #16

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Symphony Community member

When creating new routes, the help text for simplified notations displays like this:

Simplified: page-name/$user/projects/$project

After saving it looks like this:

Simplified: page-name/:user/projects/:project

Only one can be right. Which?

Symphony Community member

There is another inconsistency:

Why does the from part exclude a slash at the beginning while the to part seems to require one?
( Simplified: page-name/:user/projects/:project vs. Simplified: /new-page-name/:user/:project)


I'm also interested in $user versus :user. The latter seems to be what people at the forum use(d).


@jensscherbl is using $, so maybe they both work. Would be good to know what the recommended way is, though.


As far as I remember, I tried :user notation first and it didn't work (consistently).

Since we're using $user-notation everywhere else in Symphony (params), I guess the :user-notation is just wrong in the UI?

@brendo brendo closed this in 9538377
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