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An URL Router extension for Symphony
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URL Router

Version: 1.0

Author: [Symphony Team]

Build Date: 2011-07-08

Requirements: Symphony 2.2


If the older v0.x router is installed, it must be uninstalled first. This is unfortunate, and a workaround is being searched for. Make sure you copy down your routes before doing this, and re-enter them in the new router.

  1. Upload the files into a folder named "url_router" in your Symphony 'extensions' folder.

  2. Enable it by selecting "URL Router" on the "System -> Extensions" page, choosing "Enable" from the with-selected menu, and clicking "Apply".

  3. Add your rules to the "System -> Preferences" page.


The upgrade to 1.0 breaks the installation of the old version which must be uninstalled before installing this version.


1.0 (John Porter, Nick Dunn)

  • Update as Symphony Team takes ownership.
  • Renamed extension class and folder to url_router.
  • Manually merged @nickdunn's changes.


  • Symphony 2.2 compatiability update

0.4 (John Porter):

  • Applied patches from pull requests to fix various issues including save failure when no redirects entered and pass-by-reference warning

0.3 (Max Wheeler):

  • Remove router.js as it's no longer needed
  • Fix error in save logic, no longer tries to write to config.php

0.2 (Max Wheeler):

  • Only add router.js to the /system/preferences/ page (was breaking other JS)
  • Updated README with correct installation details


  • Initial release, brief documentation forthcoming.
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