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A design framework for the Symphony Network
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The Symphony Network is evolving: We are in the middle of the transition from a theme park to an international airport. Besides the main site we now have Nick's extensions site, Mark's Symphony Ninjas, Stephen's and Marco's xPathr and many more national projects. As we're about to see more satellite sites coming up, it's time to think about how to visually tie them together, hence forming a strong and clear Symphony identity across the network.

Let Symphony Factory enter the stage.

Symphony Factory

The idea behind Symphony Factory is to provide an easy-to-use HTML, CSS and JavaScript framework to create websites for the Symphony Network with a unified design. We hope the factory will make the development and maintenance of existing sites easier and encourage others to create additional resources.

Symphony Factory is currently in beta and freely available for all Symphony Network sites as a Git repository.


Symphony Factory was created by Johanna and Nils Hörrmann and kindly funded by the Symphony Community.

Thank you very much for your support!

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