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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<extension id="jit_image_manipulation" status="released" xmlns="">
<name>Just In Time (JIT) Image Manipulation</name>
<description>Image thumbnailer</description>
<repo type="github"></repo>
<url type="discuss"></url>
<name github="symphonycms" symphony="team">Symphony Team</name>
<release version="2.0.0" date="2016-04-26" min="2.6.0" max="2.x.x">
- JIT image process is it's own Symphony renderer now
- PSR2 Compliance (for the most part)
- Do not try to change .htaccess file if it does not exits
- Extracted the .htaccess procedure into its own class
- Lots of bug fixes and perf improvements
- Switch to semver (but should be backward compatible for Apache users)
<release version="1.45" date="2016-03-21" min="2.6.0" max="2.x.x">
- Add CORS header support (@tmslnz)
- Added 'max-age' hidden configuration
<release version="1.44" date="2016-01-12" min="2.6.0" max="2.6.x">
- Fix when no bytes are written but everything worked (#116)
<release version="1.43" date="2015-08-25" min="2.6.0">
- Fix bad merge and tagging error (#112)
<release version="1.42" date="2015-08-24" min="2.6.0">
- [#110]( Fix JIT error with regex recipes
<release version="1.41" date="2015-03-11" min="2.6.0">
- [#103]( Fix autoloader issue with Symphony CMS 2.6.0
- [#101]( Remove duplicate CACHING declaration
- [#100]( Reject invalid image size of 0 x 0
- [#47]( Allow CMYK images to be handled
<release version="1.40" date="2014-11-24" min="2.6.0">
- Mark compatibility with Symphnoy 2.6+
<release version="1.31" date="2014-08-17" min="2.4" max="2.5.x">
- Mark compatibility with Symphony 2.4+
<release version="1.30" date="2014-04-17" min="2.4">
- Remove `ob_clean` as it was unnecessary (@DavidOliver)
- Add `no-transform` header to prevent ISP's from compression images (@nitriques)
- Simplify `TMP` directory logic (@brendo)
- Fix whitespace errors (@nilshoerrmann)
<release version="1.21" date="2014-01-12" min="2.3.2">
- Simplification of `.htaccess` rule (@michael-e)
- Fix for unused `$recipes` variable (@dtan)
- Fix for caching when using sockets instead of curl (@dustywilson)
- Update README with updated path (@nitriques)
- Update Russian and German translations (@alexbirukov and @nilshoerrmann)
- Update Duplicators to Symphony 2.3 API (@nilshoerrmann)
<release version="1.20" date="2013-09-30" min="2.3.2">
- Allow all recipes to be deleted from the Preferences page
<release version="1.19" date="2013-07-01" min="2.3.2">
- Update links to ****
<release version="1.18" date="2013-03-24" min="2.3.2">
- Set GD to ignore invalid JPEG's
- Match recipes names more specifically, using `thumbs` and `thumb` is now possible
- When saving the `.htaccess` changes, use the `PHP_EOL` constant for more consistent output
- Cache `Gateway` requests for improved performance
- Fix potential warnings when checking for trusted sites
<release version="1.17" date="2013-02-22" min="2.3.2">
- Allow JIT to function with image filenames that have special characters
- Use Gateway instead of curl directly for HTTP Requests
- Use the Page class in order to generate HTTP Status codes
- Adding an option to disable upscaling images
- Update trusted sites to support subdomains `*` etc.
<release version="1.16" date="2012-09-16" min="2.3">
- Add a Recipes data source
- Update German translation
- Fix issue with Apache outputting corrupted images in some situations
- JIT now follows redirects on external URL's
<release version="1.15" date="2012-03-10" min="2.3">
- Add recipes
- Moved settings into `/workspace`
- Improve compatibility with servers other than Apache
<release version="1.14" date="2011-11-11" min="2.0.5" max="2.2.x">
- More robust detection of a temp directory
- More robust installation
<release version="1.13" date="2011-08-16" min="2.0.5" max="2.2.x">
- Add a new mode, Resize to Fit, that will conditionally resize your image if it is above the desired width/height otherwise it will leave the image as it. (thanks @21studios)
- Output the correct file path in 404 errors (thanks @michael-e)
- Fixes error in the error message when connecting to an external site
- No longer serves 304 headers when `CACHING` is disabled in the configuration
<release version="1.12" date="2011-08-06" min="2.0.5" max="2.2.x">
- Fixes issue where cached images would be delivered even though the original file was removed (thanks @michael-e)
- Fixes direct display mode (thanks @michael-e)
- Output errors and correctly set 404 headers when things go wrong
<release version="1.11" date="2011-08-01" min="2.0.5" max="2.2.x">
- Allow external images to be cached (thanks @michael-e)
- Fixes PNG and GIF transparency issues (thanks to @designermonkey)
- Background color on crop becomes optional
<release version="1.10" date="2011-04-15" min="2.0.5" max="2.2.x">
- Compatibility with Symphony 2.2
<release version="1.09" date="2010-05-04" min="2.0.5" max="2.1.x">
- Sending `ETag` header with response
- Added support for `HTTP_IF_MODIFIED_SINCE` and `HTTP_IF_NONE_MATCH` request headers, which will mean a `304 Not Modified` header can be set (Thanks to Nick Dunn for helping on this one)
- Added Portuguese and Italian translations (Thanks to @rainerborene &amp; @eKoeS for those)
<release version="1.08" date="2010-02-23" min="2.0.5" max="2.1.x">
- Added French localisation
- Adjusted German localisation
- Fixed a Symphony 2.0.7RC2 compatibility issue.
<release version="1.07" date="2010-01-20" min="2.0.5" max="2.0.6">
- Added localisation files for Dutch, German, Portuguese (Brazil) and Russian
- `trusted()` will look for the `jit-trusted-sites` before attempting to return its contents. This prevents warnings from showing up in the logs.
<release version="1.06" date="2009-08-10" min="2.0.2" max="2.0.6">
- Code responsible for `.htaccess` update will no longer try to append the rewrite base to for path to extensions folder
<release version="1.05" date="2009-08-03" min="2.0.2" max="2.0.6">
- Fixed bug introduced by usage of the `imageAntiAlias()` function
- Errors and warnings are logged in the main Symphony log
- A dump of internal params are logged in addition to any errors
<release version="1.04" date="2009-07-23" min="2.0.2" max="2.0.6">
- Adding support for alpha masked images.
<release version="1.03" date="2009-03-06" min="2.0.2" max="2.0.6">
- Minor changes to how `DOCROOT`` is determined
<release version="1.02" date="2009-03-05" min="2.0.2" max="2.0.6">
- Disabling extension will remove rule from `.htaccess`
<release version="1.01" date="2011-03-05" min="2.0.2" max="2.0.6">
- Updated to work with 2.0.2 config changes