Event Permissions

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Each Role has a set of Event permissions that can be set to control just who can execute your Events. There are 2 actions with Symphony Events, creation and editing.

The Create New permission is a checkbox, having it checked will allow Members of this Role to create new entries in Symphony. If it is unchecked, they will only be able to Edit entries. Editing has three different levels of permission, No Edit, Edit Own or Edit All.

  • No Edit means the Member cannot edit any entries using this Event.
  • Edit Own means that a Member can only edit entries that they have created. This is defined by if the id of the entry they are trying to edit is the same as their own $member-id, or if a linking field links to an Entry with their $member-id.
  • Edit All allows the Member to edit any entry in Symphony using this Event.

Remember that you will need to grant the Public role permission to create or edit entries using Events!

For those developing custom events you can add the ignoreRolePermissions() that will tell Members to ignore your event and prevent a developer from setting permission levels for that Event. In this scenario, Members will ignore all permissions levels and allow the Event to execute as if Members was not installed. The ignoreRolePermissions function should return boolean where true will make the Event execute as normal and false (or omitting the function) will allow developers to set Event permissions.

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