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Profile Devkit

A profile panel for Symphony. It is part of the Symphony core download package.

  • Version: 1.1
  • Date: 21st May 2012
  • Requirements: Symphony 2.3 or later
  • Author: Rowan Lewis, Symphony Team


Append ?profile to your front-end pages when logged in to initialise this Devkit. The Profile Devkit responds to the following URL's:

  • ?profile: Default view, shows an overview of the current page's performance metrics, including number of database queries, memory usage etc.
  • ?profile=data-sources: Outputs how long each data source took to execute and how many database queries were run
  • ?profile=events: Outputs how long each event took to execute and how many database queries were run
  • ?profile=render-statistics: A more detailed overview of the page generation times
  • ?profile=memory-usage: Shows a breakdown of the memory usage by data source, event and page generation for the current front-end page
  • ?profile=database-queries: Outputs all database queries that were fired to generate the current page
  • ?profile=slow-queries: Shows all queries that took longer than 0.09s to run
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