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C# Client for the Apigee Usergrid :

Client is in early Alpha - only works with basic User functionality Results May Vary

Usage is as follows :

        ApigeeClient apiClient = new ApigeeClient("");

        //Get a collection of all users 
        var allUsers = apiClient.GetUsers();

        string un = "apigee_" + Guid.NewGuid();

        //Create a new Account
        apiClient.CreateAccount(new UserModel
            Username = un,
            Password = "abc123",
            Email = un + ""

        //Update an Existing Account
        apiClient.UpdateAccount(new UserModel
            Username = un,
            Password = "abc123456",
            Email = un + ""

        //Login User - Get Token 
        var token = apiClient.GetToken(un, "abc123456");

        //Lookup a user by token ID
        var username = apiClient.LookUpToken(token);
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