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Adding a new blog

Add a new blog a the end of planet/planetsympy/config. Send a PR against this repository. Travis tests must pass: Travis will build a docker image and pull all the blogs. This will ensure that the syntax in the config file is correct.


To build the site, run


This requires Python 2 and some libraries.


This repository is automatically deployed as follows.

First, a docker image from the latest master is automatically built by GitLab-CI and made available at: This is achieved by having a GitLab mirror automatically running a pipeline from the master branch updating the docker image whenever it changes.

Second, we have a repository at, which has a pipeline that takes the latest docker image and runs it. This pipeline is triggered via a cron script every 20 minutes. Here is a direct link for the latest builds, so that you can check the status of the latest update of the website:

Third, when the docker image is run, it will update the planet and push the new files into the repository.