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import sys
import re
import subprocess
from utils import cmd, cmd2, CmdException, get_xpassed_info_from_log
def run_tests(master_repo_url, pull_request_repo_url, pull_request_branch,
master_repo_path, test_command, interpreter, python3, master_commit):
This is a test runner function.
It doesn't access any global variables. It assumes that the master
repository is checked out at 'master_repo_path' (for example in the /tmp
directory somewhere). It does the following:
1) fetches the 'pull_request_branch' from 'pull_request_repo_url' and tries
to apply it
2) runs tests using 'test_command' and the Python 'interpreter'.
3) saves report and logs into the out/ directory.
4) Returns status, which is one of the following strings:
error .. there was an error
fetch ... fetch failed (no tests run)
conflicts ... there were merge conflicts (no tests run)
FAILED ... tests run, but failed
PASSED ... tests run, passed
result = {
"log": "",
"xpassed": "",
"master_hash": "",
"branch_hash": "",
print "Running tests with the following setup:"
print "master_repo_url =", master_repo_url
print "pull_request_repo_url =", pull_request_repo_url
print "pull_request_branch =", pull_request_branch
print "master_repo_path =", master_repo_path
print "test_command =", test_command
print "interpreter =", interpreter
cmd("cd %s && git fetch %s %s:test" % (master_repo_path,
pull_request_repo_url, pull_request_branch), echo=True)
except CmdException:
result["result"] = "fetch"
return result
cmd("cd %s && git checkout test" % master_repo_path, echo=True)
# remember the hashes before the merge occurs:
result["master_hash"] = cmd("cd %s && git rev-parse %s" % (master_repo_path,
master_commit), capture=True).strip()
except CmdException:
print "Could not parse commit %s." % master_commit
result["result"]= "error"
return result
result["branch_hash"] = cmd("cd %s && git rev-parse test" % master_repo_path,
merge_log, r = cmd2("cd %s && git merge %s" % (master_repo_path,
if r != 0:
conflicts = cmd("cd %s && git --no-pager diff" % master_repo_path,
result["result"] = "conflicts"
result["log"] = merge_log + "\nLIST OF CONFLICTS\n" + conflicts
return result
if python3:
cmd("cd %s && python bin/use2to3" % master_repo_path)
master_repo_path = master_repo_path + "/py3k-sympy"
log, r = cmd2("cd %s && %s %s" % (master_repo_path,
interpreter, test_command))
result["log"] = log
result["return_code"] = r
result["xpassed"] = get_xpassed_info_from_log(log)
print "Return code:", r
if r == 0:
result["result"] = "Passed"
result["result"] = "Failed"
return result
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