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#!/usr/bin/env python
"""Matplotlib 2D plotting example
Demonstrates plotting with matplotlib.
import sys
from sample import sample
from sympy import log, pi, sqrt, sin, Symbol
from sympy.core.compatibility import is_sequence
from sympy.external import import_module
def mplot2d(f, var, show=True):
Plot a 2d function using matplotlib/Tk.
import warnings
warnings.filterwarnings("ignore", "Could not match \S")
p = import_module('pylab')
if not p:
sys.exit("Matplotlib is required to use mplot2d.")
if not is_sequence(f):
f = [f, ]
for f_i in f:
x, y = sample(f_i, var)
p.plot(x, y)
if show:
def main():
x = Symbol('x')
# mplot2d(log(x), (x, 0, 2, 100))
# mplot2d([sin(x), -sin(x)], (x, float(-2*pi), float(2*pi), 50))
mplot2d([sqrt(x), -sqrt(x), sqrt(-x), -sqrt(-x)], (x, -40.0, 40.0, 80))
if __name__ == "__main__":