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Symbolic conditions allowed in sympy.stats.frv #16908

merged 12 commits into from Jun 10, 2019
@@ -11,13 +11,15 @@

from itertools import product

from sympy import (Basic, Symbol, symbols, cacheit, sympify, Mul,
And, Or, Tuple, Piecewise, Eq, Lambda, exp, I, Dummy, nan)
from sympy import (Basic, Symbol, symbols, cacheit, sympify, Mul, Add,
And, Or, Tuple, Piecewise, Eq, Lambda, exp, I, Dummy, nan, Rational)
from sympy.sets.sets import FiniteSet
from sympy.core.relational import Relational
from sympy.stats.rv import (RandomDomain, ProductDomain, ConditionalDomain,
PSpace, IndependentProductPSpace, SinglePSpace, random_symbols,
sumsets, rv_subs, NamedArgsMixin)
from sympy.core.containers import Dict
from sympy.core.logic import Logic
import random

class FiniteDensity(dict):
@@ -143,14 +145,6 @@ def __new__(cls, domain, condition):
if condition is True:
return domain
cond = rv_subs(condition)
# Check that we aren't passed a condition like die1 == z
# where 'z' is a symbol that we don't know about
# We will never be able to test this equality through iteration
if not cond.free_symbols.issubset(domain.free_symbols):
raise ValueError('Condition "%s" contains foreign symbols \n%s.\n' % (
condition, tuple(cond.free_symbols - domain.free_symbols)) +
"Will be unable to iterate using this condition")

return Basic.__new__(cls, domain, cond)

@@ -166,7 +160,7 @@ def _test(self, elem):
return val
elif val.is_Equality:
return val.lhs == val.rhs
raise ValueError("Undeciable if %s" % str(val))
raise ValueError("Undecidable if %s" % str(val))

def __contains__(self, other):
return other in self.fulldomain and self._test(other)
@@ -309,8 +303,15 @@ def compute_moment_generating_function(self, expr):
def compute_expectation(self, expr, rvs=None, **kwargs):
rvs = rvs or self.values
expr = expr.xreplace(dict((rs, rs.symbol) for rs in rvs))
return sum([expr.xreplace(dict(elem)) * self.prob_of(elem)
for elem in self.domain])
probs = [self.prob_of(elem) for elem in self.domain]
if isinstance(expr, (Logic, Relational)):
parse_domain = [tuple(elem)[0][1] for elem in self.domain]
bools = [expr.xreplace(dict(elem)) for elem in self.domain]
parse_domain = [expr.xreplace(dict(elem)) for elem in self.domain]
bools = [True for elem in self.domain]
return sum([Piecewise((prob * elem, blv), (0, True))
for prob, elem, blv in zip(probs, parse_domain, bools)])

def compute_quantile(self, expr):
cdf = self.compute_cdf(expr)
@@ -322,7 +323,16 @@ def compute_quantile(self, expr):

def probability(self, condition):
cond_symbols = frozenset(rs.symbol for rs in random_symbols(condition))
assert cond_symbols.issubset(self.symbols)
cond = rv_subs(condition)
if not cond_symbols.issubset(self.symbols):
raise ValueError("Cannot compare foriegn random symbols, %s"
%(str(cond_symbols - self.symbols)))
if isinstance(condition, Relational) and \
(not cond.free_symbols.issubset(self.domain.free_symbols)):
rv = condition.lhs if isinstance(condition.rhs, Symbol) else condition.rhs
return sum(Piecewise(
(self.prob_of(elem), condition.subs(rv, list(elem)[0][1])),
(0, True)) for elem in self.domain)
return sum(self.prob_of(elem) for elem in self.where(condition))

def conditional_space(self, condition):
@@ -137,7 +137,7 @@ def check(sides):
def dict(self):
as_int(self.sides) # Check that self.sides can be converted to an integer
return super(DieDistribution, self).dict
return dict((k, Rational(1, self.sides)) for k in self.set)

def set(self):
@@ -319,3 +319,16 @@ def test_FinitePSpace():
X = Die('X', 6)
space = pspace(X)
assert space.density == DieDistribution(6)

def test_symbolic_conditions():
B = Bernoulli('B', S(1)/4)
D = Die('D', 4)
b, n = symbols('b, n')
Y = P(Eq(B, b))
Z = E(D > n)
assert Y == \
Piecewise((S(1)/4, Eq(b, 1)), (0, True)) + \
Piecewise((S(3)/4, Eq(b, 0)), (0, True))
assert Z == \
Piecewise((S(1)/4, n < 1), (0, True)) + Piecewise((S(1)/2, n < 2), (0, True)) + \
Piecewise((S(3)/4, n < 3), (0, True)) + Piecewise((S(1), n < 4), (0, True))
@@ -166,8 +166,6 @@ def test_dependence():
XX, YY = given(Tuple(X, Y), Eq(X + Y, 3))
assert dependent(XX, YY)

def test_dependent_finite():
X, Y = Die('X'), Die('Y')
# Dependence testing requires symbolic conditions which currently break
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