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How to Build Documentation

To make the html documentation, install the prerequisites, e.g. on Debian/Ubuntu (similarly for other distributions):

apt-get install python-sphinx texlive-latex-recommended dvipng

and do:

make html

and to view it, do:

epiphany _build/html/index.html

How to Build Translated Tutorial

To build the translated tutorial, build the documentation using make html and then just run:

make htmli18n

This will create tutorial.cs.html, (and so on for all languages) in the _build/html/ directory. The input is the English tutorial tutorial.txt and the .po files tutorial.cs.po,, etc. You can freely change the English tutorial -- sentences that are not translated will remain in English in the translated verions.

Note: make htmli18n is currently quite slow, so it is not run by default. However, this can be trivially implemented by modifying the Makefile.

How to Update Translations

In order to update translations, you first need to generate the tutorial.pot template by:

make gettext

Then you need to translate it if you are creating a new language translation. If you are just updating a translation, for example the tutorial.cs.po, just do:

msgmerge -U tutorial.cs.po tutorial.pot

This will create a new tutorial.cs.po by using the template tutorial.pot and reusing the old translations from old tutorial.cs.po (if they still work) and leaving the rest untranslated.

Then just build it using make htmli18n (see the previous section).

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