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This directory contains SymPy example programs.


The examples are broken up into three categories based on difficulty of both
the mathematics and programming concepts.  They roughly follow the following

beginner :
  Simple examples appropriate for first steps in using SymPy, for someone
  with little or no programming experience.

intermediate :
  Demonstrations of more complex mathematical concepts, but still for
  someone with little programming experience.

advanced :
  Larger demonstrations of advanced mathematical topics.


All the working examples can be run by executing the "" script, use
./ -h for usage, if an example is known to be broken it will be commented
out in this script.

To run the individual examples one needs to have Python version >= 2.6
installed and SymPy must be in your PYTHONPATH environment variable.  Most
examples can be run from the command line python and the name of the example:

  aterrel@lilac:~/sympy/examples$ export PYTHONPATH=$PWD/..:$PYTHONPATH
  aterrel@lilac:~/sympy/examples$ python beginner/

Note: on most systems, the current directory is searched by Python
automatically, so "python beginner/" works from the sympy root
directory, however there are systems (Ubuntu Intrepid) where this doesn't work
by default, unless you put "PYTHONPATH=." into your .bashrc for example.
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