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Buildbot (currently not running).


Installing build slave

$ wajig install buildbot
$ sudo adduser buildslave
$ sudo su buildslave
$ cd
$ buildbot create-slave Buildbot august passwd
mkdir /home/buildslave/Buildbot
chdir /home/buildslave/Buildbot
creating Makefile.sample
mkdir /home/buildslave/Buildbot/info
Creating info/admin, you need to edit it appropriately
Creating info/host, you need to edit it appropriately
Please edit the files in /home/buildslave/Buildbot/info appropriately.
buildslave configured in /home/buildslave/Buildbot
$ cd Buildbot
$ vim buildbot.tac  # adjust your password/name
$ vim info/host    # describe your host
$ vim info/admin  # your email

Then setup the slave on server, just add the following line:

BuildSlave("august", "password"),

to c["slaves"]. Then again on the slave:

$ buildbot start .

Local installation

$ tar xzf python2.4.tar.gz
$ cd python2.4
$ ./configure --prefix=/home/buildslave/py2.4
$ make
$ make install

And do this for python 2.5, 2.6 and 2.7 as well. Then install all necessary packages (i.e. setuptools, py.test using py2.4/bin/python install)

Don't forget to install zlib before installing python, otherwise the zlib module will be missing and it is required by setuptools.


This sends a patch to a server:

$ buildbot try --diff=0001-Make-exp-I-oo-return-nan.patch --connect=ssh\
--username=buildmaster --builder=buildbot-full --trydir=Buildbot/jobdir
using 'ssh' connect method
job created
job has been delivered
not waiting for builds to finish

This triggers a commit change:

$ buildbot sendchange --master --u changer some_files
change sent successfully