GSoC 2009 Application Template

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    * Name
    * University / current enrollment
    * Short bio / overview of your background
    * Join the sympy GoogleGroup and introduce yourself
    * Get yourself an account on our Wiki and add your project proposal

Your Coding Skills

In your project proposal let us know

    * What platform do you use to code?

Set yourself up

    * Set up your platform to develop with sympy:
          o git clone git://
          o execute tests (bin/test sympy)
    * Find something in sympy that doesn't work or needs improvement and send us a git patch fixing it (if you need inspiration,
      feel free to fix any issue from our easy to fix issues list:
    * Report success on the sympy list
    * If you find that the instructions can be improved, get a wiki account and do it, or suggest the improvements on our list
    * Publish your patch for peer review on sympy-patches. We do not consider applications without patches.
    * If you need help with anything, ask on the sympy list (don't be afraid if you don't know git for example, we'll teach you
      everything that is needed, the only required thing from you is enthusiasm and willingness to learn new things)

Your Project

Add yourself/your project with a short synopsis to the list of projects on the wiki if you have not done so yet.

    * Start a wiki page to work on your proposal.
    * What do you want to achieve?
    * If you have chosen an idea from our list, why did you choose this specific idea?
    * If you are proposing a project of your own, what is unique about it?
    * What makes you suited to carry the project?
    * How much time do you plan to invest in the project before, during and after the Summer of Code? (we expected full time
      40h/week during GSoC, but better make this explicit)
    * Please provide a schedule of how this time will be spent on subtasks of the project. While this is only preliminary, you
      will be required to provide a detailed plan latest at the beginning of GSoC and during the project you will issue weekly
      progress reports against that plan on your blog.
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