GSoC 2011 Application Tautvydas Misiunas: implement analytical solutions to QM system

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Tautvydas Misiunas

Vilnius University, Physics faculty 3rd course


Skype: mrtautis

Short bio:
Currently studying and focusing on scientific carrer.I am focussing to computational physics where advanced simulations are applied to solve complex problems. In particular currently, I am working on TMA molecules, trying to describe their behavior in mathematic expression.

I am finishing my course of advanced quantum mechanics this spring. Therefore I could spend more time working on excellent code rather than learning QM. I have seen and done most of the analytical solutions, and I think it would be interesting challenge to implement them in computational manner.

Most of my programing experiance is with C++ and Java, but I have working knowledge of Asembler, PHP, MatLab, Mathematica and increasing interest in Phyton. In the last year I have been experimenting with Multi-Thread projects for usage of all CPU cores. I believe I am capable to deliver top quality result in this project includind the code itself and quantum mechanics.

Currently I'am using Windows.