GSoC 2012 Application Nicholas Miller: Trigonometric Integration: Algorithm Simplification

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About Me

Nicholas Miller
Marietta College
I am a student at Marietta college, where following this summer, I will be a sophomore. I am pursuing a bachelor’s degree in physics and a degree in computer science, with a minor in astronomy. I have worked with Python for a year now and have also taken numerous physics and math related courses within my first year that could apply directly to my proposed project. I hope to continue my knowledge of each of these subjects while participating in any opportunity available to expand my interests of understanding.
College Email:
Google Code link_id: nam004

My Coding Skills

Python computing language is the language I am most fluent in at the moment. I have touched on minor bits of Java & C++ but am excited and eager to learn any language more suitable for this program that I have not listed.
I have been with Python for a year now and have taken two semester courses with a focus on Python language. I feel there is always more to learn and would consider my level of expertise in Python ranging from intermediate to moderate.
I have never had the chance to use git yet.

My Project

In my project I hope to create a program that is able to solve and simplify trigonometric integrals using any and all rules of trigonometric substitution. I would also like to be able to integrate normal rules of integration and try to cover as much of the integration laws as I could within the time given.
This area seemed relevant to information I have covered in my classes and would further like to expand in an ultramodern way of thinking.
I have altered a selection from the list. I had an idea for a project that I felt would be very fun to try when stumbling upon Sympy’s GSoC page for creating code to some physics kinematic problems but am new to GSoC so felt it best to try to capitalize on projects presented.
I have taken all maths up to the Calculus level in an honors high school setting and have taken Calculus 1 & Calculus 2 when derivatives and Integrals are main topics of studies in both. I have also taken General Physics 1 & 2 which at times seemed to require more knowledge in math then my math classes did. On the Programming aspect I have excelled in two python programming classes and enjoyed the programming mindset that I have added Computer Science to a major I hope to pursue.
I feel my enthusiasm in my fields of study and specifically computer science, couples me well with a student based summer programing opportunity; and with my knowledge in mathematics and physics suits me will with my chosen project.
As of now I have no summer jobs lined up and are looking to any research or experience based internships for the summer (such as GSoC). With these I would dedicate my time like it was full time 40h/week job. I plan taking a week vacation later in the summer before school begins in the fall and have not confirmed a date on that. Otherwise I plan on being able to work on whatever opportunity presented to me at the full time job bases listed before.
Initially I would like to present my ideas using sample code, Puesdocode or some sort of ‘outline’ of how I can begin to integrate integration and trigonometric solutions into python formatting. Next I plan to start from the basics of integration and build the complexity as the project continues. Like in many things Mathematics build on each other so having a solid base will ease the process of complexity in my program. I am flexible and able to try to make it so if there are goals set out by a certain time my mentor would like to see accomplished, I would be happy to commit to those. (A blog sounds fun!)
In formulating a pull request, just for clarification that I have the right idea for that, does that mean being able to test modules or functions within the programming without having it completed? If so then I agree =).  
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