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Name and Contact Info

Vincent Russo


Phone: Will be given to mentor upon request, not preferred.


Blog: (I intend to blog on my experience while working on GSoC. This will optimistically be useful for consolidating what I'm doing / have done and also for the sake of posterity for future GSoC projects, especially those revolving around the quantum module).


My proposal is to improve the quantum module in SymPy. Specifically I intend to add functionality that would be useful for someone interested in learning about and performing computations pertaining to quantum information and quantum computation.


In this section I will discuss what I have since contributed, and what I intend to provide in the GSoC program.

Current Deliverables

Thus far, I have added functionality for calculating other quantities of interest for quantum information theory. These quantities include the Bures metric, Bures angle.... (fill in as I add). This has allowed me to satisfy the submission of a patch (requirement) for the SymPy GSoC program. Furthermore, I've also attempted to add functionality for other types of operators generally found in the literature on quantum computation. This includes functionality for projective operators, .... etc.

Summer Deliverables

Biographical Information

I am a third year PhD student at the University of Waterloo majoring in computer science in the quantum information program. My background in quantum information and quantum computation is extensive, and I feel I have a firm grasp on how to guide the implementation of functions useful for a quantum information theorist to use.

I've personally contacted Sean Vig, Ondřej Čertík, and Brian Granger regarding involvement in the GSoC 2015 project for extending the quantum module.

Aside from working toward my PhD, this will be a main priority. Furthermore, many of the aspects of my research for my dissertation and the use of SymPy for quantum information can be combined in a fruitful way to help along both goals. I may be traveling for a conference or a minor vacation, but I don't see either of these to be an issue in the consistency and quality of my contributions.

My GitHub account at is where I will be and have been pushing my contributions to the quantum module.


Thanks to Aaron Meurer for posting his 2010 GSoC application, on which much of the inspiration and content herein in based. Thanks also to Sean Vig, Ondřej Čertík and Brian Granger for their help and correspondence.


[1] Quantum computation and quantum information. M. Nielsen and I. Chuang. Cambridge University Press. (2010).

[2] Lecture Notes on Quantum Information. John Watrous. University of Waterloo 2011.



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