GSoC 2016 Application Olu David Gbadebo: Resolving issues and fixing bugs

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Name: Olu David Gbadebo (prefer David)

Institution: Glendale Community College / Spring 2016


Github: weirdestnerd

GSoC: David Churchill

Location: Phoenix, Arizona

Timezone: Mountain Time (-7 GMT)

Olu David Gbadebo is starting his sophomore year as a computer science major. Due to his interest in extracurricular activities, he self-taught himself web development languages, including HTML, CSS and JavaScript. During the period of learning web development, David understood the values of hard work, commitment and creativity. David's choice to pursue computer science with emphasis on software development was sparked by his first encounter with a computer. At the age of twelve, David had the chance to use a computer for the first time to create a Microsoft Word design for a complimentary card. At that time, David lived with his aunt in Nigerian. He had no hope of studying computer science because computers were not significantly important and unpopular in Nigeria. Fortunately, at 18 years of age, David had the opportunity to immigrate to the United States, where he now has the privilege study computer science. David aspires to be a software developer that utilizes his knowledge to provide support for non-profit organizations.

Comment from Brandon: I'd suggest using first person in your bio rather than third person (use "I" rather than referring to yourself by name)



I currently use a Windows computer to write and run my programs. I use Eclipse IDE for Java to write and run programs in Java language and I use Sublime Text 3 to write web development programs in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I enjoy using Eclipse because it provides detailed error messages and solutions to errors in real time. And I use Sublime Text because of its simplicity and developer-friendly interface.


Since August 2015, I have created several mock up websites. Starting with my personal website, I have created three websites prior to the presently live website. I have also created websites for clubs at my school and for a church. I am currently a member of Hackathon Hackers and HH Design Facebook groups, where I provide critiques and debugging solutions about other websites.


Goal: To drastically reduce the amount of open and unfixed Jquery Mobile issues.

This project excites me because it grants me the privilege to use my knowledge and skill-set to provide support and assistance to a renowned organization, Jquery Foundation. The fact that I would be able to solve several issues fills my excitement.

Being able to self teach myself, I had to cover every aspect of the languages that I learn because I could not tell what topic should be skipped. Therefore, my knowledge in web development covers every aspects from the inception of a website in HTML to front-end client-side scripting.


###May 16 - May 20 # During last week of school, I would spend more time on GitHub to deeply understand GitHub's issue tracker and get in touch with mentors and others in the community. ###May 23 - May 27# Organize presently unfixed issues with appropriate labels and start providing replying to open issues. ###May 30 - June 17# Continue to reply to and provide solutions to open & unfixed issues. ###June 20 - June 24# Curate success rate and present midterm result. ###June 27 - August 15# Continue to reply to and provide solutions to open & unfixed issues. ###August 15 - August 23# Curate success rate and present final report.

##What makes me the perfect candidate?# For about a year now, I have learned web development and built several websites. Through creating live websites, mock ups, and providing assistants to several other web developers, I have gained substantial experience in web development. My knowledge also covers common syntax errors, possible mistakes, and wrong implementation of JavaScript. Additionally, I have strong written communications skills, as my experience as improve when I worked as a customer service personnel last year.