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GSoC 2019 Statistics Plan

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GSoC Proposals

Gagandeep Singh(@czgdp1807) - Enhancement of Statistics Module

Ritesh Kumar(@ritesh99rakesh) - Probability: Compound Distributions, Stochastic Processes and Random Matrices

The Plan for Collaboration

Bonding Period - @czgdp1807 will implement the distributions according to the list in his proposal. @ritesh99rakesh will implement the distributions in his proposal excluding those implemented by @czgdp1807. Design discussions will also keep going on along with the above work.

Phase 1 - @czgdp1807 will work on Markov chains and @ritesh99rakesh will work on Compound distributions as these two topics are quite independent from each other.

Phase 2 - @ritesh99rakesh will work on Random Walks and @czgdp1807 will work on Random Matrices.

Phase 3 - In this phase @ritesh99rakesh will work on exporting random variables and measures of dependence of RVs and @czgdp1807 will work on supporting integration and assumptions of dependence of random variables.

Blogs for updates

Gagandeep Singh(@czgdp1807) -

Ritesh Kumar(@ritesh99rakesh) -

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