GSoC 2012 Report

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GSoC 2012 Report

This is our SymPy GSoC 2012 report. This was our second year as an official mentoring organization for the program. In previous years, students worked for SymPy under the umbrella of other organizations. See for more information about Google Summer of Code.

This year we accepted six students, listed below. All six students were successful in the program.

The application is a draft of the application for each student that they posted on the wiki. It may or may not be exactly the same as the final application that was submitted.

The students updated their blogs weekly throughout the summer with their progress, and may continue to write posts beyond the program.

Each student has written a detailed report on his project, which is linked to under the Report column in the table below.

Accepted Students

Proposal Student GitHub login Mentor Application Blog Report
Group Theory Aleksandar Makelov amakelov David Joyner GSoC 2012 Application Aleksandar Makelov: Group theory GSoC 2012 Report Aleksandar Makelov: Computational Group Theory
Implicit Plotting Module Bharath M R catchmrbharath Aaron Meurer GSoC 2012 Application Bharath M R: Plotting Module GSoC 2012 Report Bharath M R: Implicit plotting
Enhancements to sympy.physics.mechanics Angadh Nanjangud angadhn Gilbert Gede GSoC 2012 Application Angadh Nanjangud: sympy.physics.mechanics GSoC 2012 Report Angath Nanjangud: sympy.physics.mechanics
Density Operators for Quantum Module in sympy.physics.quantum Guru Devanla gdevanla Brian Granger, Sean Vig GSoC 2012 Application Guru Devanla: Density Operators for Quantum Module GSoC 2012 Report Guru Devanla: Density Operators, Trace and Partial Trace for Quantum Module
Category Theory Module Sergiu Ivanov scolobb Tom Bachmann GSoC 2012 Application Sergiu Ivanov: Category Theory Module GSoC 2012 Report Sergiu Ivanov: Category Theory Module
Vector Analysis Stefan Krastanov Krastanov Matthew Rocklin GSoC 2012 Application Stefan Krastanov: Vector Analysis GSoC 2012 Report Stefan Krastanov: Functional Differential Geometry (Vector Analysis)
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