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On this page is a collection of ideas and projects that members of the sympy community have yet to be able to fully develop or implement.

For those posting their project ideas on this page please just include the title of the project, a short description, current status of the project and the link to the project's page. Keep the more in-depth description for the project's page

Allow arbitrary choice of printer to be used by init_printing()

Status: Discussing/Planning

Currently init_printing works by determining what printer would be best for the environment that it is being run in. This project proposes to add the option for the user to override this decision and choose a specific printer from the available sympy printers. For more information visit the project's page.

Project Link


  • Move the Langrangian internal to LagrangesMethod and make the API match KanesMethod more closely.
  • KanesMethod.kanes_equations() and LangrangesMethod.form_kanes_equation() don't match, it'd be nice to have same semantics.


  • ReferenceFrame.ang_vel_in() doesn't match the api of Point.vel()
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