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We strive to support as many Python versions as are in practical use.

There is no direct statistics available for that, so we go by which versions of Python are available on what platform. We stop considering a platform when it reaches end-of-life, usually at the time that security updates stop.

Platform End of life Python version(s)
Cygwin (Windows) N/A 2.7 [cyg-pyt]
3.2 [cyg-pyt]
3.4 [cyg-pyt]
Debian 6.0 Squeeze 02-2016 [deb-lts] 2.6 [deb6-p2]
3.1 [deb6-p3]
Debian 7 Wheezy 05-2018 [deb-lts] 2.7 [deb7-p2]
3.2 [deb7-p3]
Debian 8 Jessie (stable) 04-2020 [deb-lts] 2.7 [deb8-p2]
3.4 [deb8-p3]
Debian Stretch (testing) never 2.7 [debx-p2]
3.4 [debx-p3]
Fedora ??? ??? ???
Mac OS ??? ??? ???
Red Hat ??? ??? ???
RHEL6 11-2020 [rhel6] 2.6
Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin LTS 04-2017 [ubu-rel] 2.7 [ub12-p2]
3.2 [ub12-p3]
Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty Tahr LTS 08-2016 [ubu-rel] 2.7 [ub14-p2]
3.4 [ub14-p3] latest N/A 2.7, 3.4 [pyt-org]

Information sources:


Unsupported versions will be struck through in the above table so we can keep them for reference.

Some platforms do not have an end-of-life policy, just a continually updated current or latest version. For these, we list "N/A" as end of life, and give the retrieval times of the URLs.

??? indicates information that we have not gathered yet but would like to have.