SymPy Papers

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We track papers that cite or mention SymPy in this Zotero group: If you would like access to the group, please email the group owner and request to be added as a member.

Below is an incomplete list of papers and presentations that mention SymPy which was created before moving them to Zotero.

See also Google Scholar.

Papers using SymPy:

Papers mentioning SymPy:

Software using SymPy

  • Continuity, "a problem-solving environment for multi-scale modeling in bioengineering and physiology".
  • Lcapy, "linear circuit analysis and schematic drawing".
  • Ncpol2sdpa, "Solve global polynomial optimization problems of either commutative variables or noncommutative operators through a semidefinite programming (SDP) relaxation".

Presentations about SymPy

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