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SymPy vs. Matlab (Old)

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Symbolic Math toolbox is a software which is optimized to for handling and operating on symbolic math expressions within the Matlab numeric environment. It contains hundreds of matlab symbolic functions used for various mathematical operations like integration,differentiation etc...

SymPy is a python library for symbolic mathematics. Refer the link for more information.


Symbolic Math

All functions can be accessed through the matlab command window or directly through mupad's noteboook interface.


It can be used through python interpreter (idle) or SymPy's isympy. Refer this link on how to access SymPy functionality through commandline.

Operating system requirements: Since symbolic math toolbox comes with matlab, it can/cannot run on certain operating systems. SymPy runs on most of the os's which support python 2.4 or higher. Here is a comparison between SymPy and symbolic math toolbox for the same.

Os Comparison Table

Name of the OS SymPy (v0.7.1) Symbolic Math Toolbox (v5.7)
Windows Yes Yes
Linux Yes Yes
BSD Yes No
Unix Yes No
Dos No No

Functionality performed:

Please refer the table below to look at the different mathematical tasks performed between the two.

Mathematical Tasks

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