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@comer comer typo fixed 6da7436
@goodok goodok Updated Tutorial (markdown): insert directive for Xfail test about matchiing nested functions. 9470302
@goodok goodok Update Insert ', exclude=[x]' for 'match' example. f475804
@goodok goodok Updated Tutorial (markdown) 645be8f
@goodok goodok Updated Tutorial (markdown) 0e83f62
@goodok goodok Updated Introduction (markdown) 1afe3a9
@goodok goodok Updated Introduction (markdown) 79f9c03
@goodok goodok Updated Tutorial (markdown), corrected 'symbol()' usage. Also remove obsolated text. edf1348
@goodok goodok Updated Faq, Tutorial, Matrices-eigenvalues (added +/-PRETTY option) f73bb4f
@goodok goodok Updated Tutorial(markdown). Mark text to be removed. c86b057
@goodok goodok Updated and Tests are updated against master and release versions. But there are still 3 incorrect tests (in both versions). 3bc6241
@asmeurer asmeurer Fix whitespace throughout the wiki bfdcfb2
@renatocoutinho renatocoutinho porting tutorial from old wikimedia wiki Created Tutorial (markdown) a95bb03
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