UD wikipage roadmap

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UD Wikipages roadmap


This page describe current situation with wiki pages, and what (and whom) to do with them.

Current situation

Classification of pages

Not formated pages.

Not formated at all. And they have a bad view. And ./wikitest, btw, does not find out any examples into them.

Pages with incorrect title or filename.


  1. github wiki generate index page Pages by parsing title of page.
  2. Not standard file names (a wild amount of GsOC pages with different dialects of writtings of tiles or file names)

Likely deprecated or draft.

These pages has unknown usage. Or even misleading how the SymPy works now.

  1. Integration. (Correct title too)
  2. Ideas ???
  3. Polynomials-Module
  4. Git-hg-rosetta-stone - incorrect sympy repository git://git.sympy.org/sympy.git
  5. Million-digits-of-pi - may be depricated.
  6. Ray-transfer-matrix-calculations - may be depricated, or under development, or not well formatted.
  7. Roadmap or Plan-for-SymPy-1.0 - one page is actual?
  8. Sage-Symbench - may be depricated.
  9. SymPy-in-the-news - add news (2008 the last one)
  10. SymPy Papers - add papers (This task have issue in the issue tracker.)
  11. Technical-References - may be to add some references?
  12. Writing-documentation - draft

With bugs (issues must be)

Pages that contains tests, which are failed because of SymPy bugs, so it is for issues. (And it silly SKIPs them now)

  1. Totorial

    (5*x**2 + 3*x).match(p*x**2 + q*x) Got: {p_: 3/x, q_: 5*x}

With bugs (unexplained reasons, requiring research.)

This pages contains fails for unexplained reasons (may be depricated usage), requiring research.

GSoC and so on.

Under Development theme, or proposals.

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