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Download & setup Sage

wget http://sagemath.org/SAGEbin/linux/32bit/sage-2.11-debian32-intel-i686-Linux.tar.gz
cd ~/ext
tar xzf sage-2.11-debian32-intel-i686-Linux.tar.gz
ln -s sage-2.11-debian32-intel-i686-Linux sage

Now you can always call it using ~/ext/sage/sage. Now put this:

~/ext/sage/sage $@

into ~/bin/ and put ~/bin/ into your search path. Then you start Sage just by typing sage.


$ hg clone http://hg.sympy.org/sympy-spkg/
$ cd sympy-spkg

Edit get-hg

$ ./get-hg
$ cd ..
$ cp -a sympy-spkg sympy-0.5.13
$ sage -pkg sympy-0.5.13

And a fresh package sympy-0.5.13.spkg is created. Install it:

$ sage -f sympy-0.5.13.spkg

Test it

$ sage -t ~/ext/sage/devel/sage/sage/calculus/test_sympy.py

how to install the original sympy version

cd spkg/standard
rm sympy-0.5.7.spkg
wget http://sagemath.org/packages/standard/sympy-0.5.7.spkg
sage -f sympy-0.5.7.spkg

How to develop with Sage

Change some files in Sage and do:

sage -b
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