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So you are playing with the idea to become a !SymPy developer, but are not yet convinced? Well, here are some arguments to consider.

Nice team

We are scattered all over the world and most of us has never seen anyone else face to face, so to become a developer is really as simple as contributing a good code. So you can learn how to work in a team and it's fun.

Your code gets to everyone

If you write some nice symbolic algorithm, then just by getting it to the !SymPy hg, it will later become a part of a release and then gets into the standard distributions of Debian, Ubuntu and Gentoo (if you use something else, we will be glad if you create a native package for your favourite linux distribution). So anyone using those systems can install !SymPy with only one command and it will just work, so your own code can then be easily used by a lot of people. !SymPy is also in Sage, that has already around 10000 users and growing. And you just don't have to worry about it, the only thing you need to do is to commit it to !SymPy.

Google Summer of Code

If you are a student, then by joining us and writing good code, you have a high chance of being accepted into the Google Summer of Code program and thus even being paid for working on !SymPy.

Learn new things

Just by hanging around our mailinglist, you can learn a lot of new things. We all learn from each other all the time, feel free to discuss anything related to Python, or software development in general.