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VMX intrinsics plugin for Hex-Rays decompiler
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This is a port of Dougall J'dj_vmx_intrinsics to IDAPython.

This plugin allow to display unhandled VMX instructions into their respective intrinsic form when using the decompiler:

Original output (the value of the register RAX is not even displayed):

_RCX = 0x41424344i64;
__asm { vmwrite rax, rcx }

Output with the plugin (the value of the VMCS field is now displayed correctly):

v8 = __vmx_vmwrite(0x681Eui64, 0x41424344ui64);

Some renaming was necessary as MICROCODE API has changed (cf

We use the operand type (mop_a/mop_addr_t) for output pointer as second argument for vmread/vmclear/vmptrld/vmptrst/vmxon.


mov     eax, 4816h
vmread  rax, rax

will produce:

v3 = 0x4816i64;
__vmx_vmread(v3, &v3);

We have added the GLBLOW & GLBHIGH for visible_memory and spoiled memory to avoid optimization.


  • IDA Pro >= 7.4


Copy the file to the IDA plugins folder.


Intrinsics implemented:

  • __vmx_off
  • __vmx_on
  • __vmx_vmclear
  • __vmx_vmlaunch
  • __vmx_vmptrld
  • __vmx_vmptrst
  • __vmx_vmread
  • __vmx_vmresume
  • __vmx_vmwrite
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