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This module is being deprecated in favor of Minion Migrations (see

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Doctrine Migrations

Doctrine Migrations module for Kohana 3.x


This module allows for managing database migrations between multiple environments easily by utilizing the Doctrine migrations library.

Requirements & Installation

You should make sure to disable this module on your production environment!

The Doctrine Migrations module is tested with Doctrine v1.2.2. You should run git submodule update --init to load Doctrine into the vendor directory of this module. Additionally, you should create a directory for your migration classes that is located in your application directory (application/migrations/).

To run from the command line, execute this command from the directory that has your index.php file: php index.php --uri=migrate. This will run all database migrations up to the current version. You can optionally include the version that you want to migrate up/down to like so: php index.php --uri=migrate/14.

You can additionally execute: php index.php --uri=migrate/current to return the current migrations version.

Additional information about how to create migration classes can be found at

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