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Disclaimer: This package was originally created by Github user robertSheaO and is an unofficial fork. The original repository has been deleted as has the RobertSheaO's profile. The original repository was located at


React Native bridge to Zendesk Support SDK on iOS and Android. This currently only supports using the out of the box views the Zendesk Support SDK provides. At the moment, only anonymous authentication is supported.

React Native Version Support

This has only been tested to work with React Native 0.47, probably works in earlier versions.

Getting started

Installing via RNPM (Common)

react-native link react-native-zendesk-support

Installing via Cocoapods (Not Common)

Add the following line to your Podfile:

pod 'react-native-zendesk-support', :path => '../node_modules/react-native-zendesk-support'

post_install do |installer|
  installer.pods_project.targets.each do |target|
    target.build_configurations.each do |config|

Manually Linking (iOS)

If using react-native link doesn't work, you can try manually linking. Sometimes apps created with create-react-native-app that haven't been ejected can have problems linking properly.

  1. Open your project in XCode, right click on Libraries and click Add Files to "Your Project Name". Look under node_modules/react-native-zendesk-supportand addRNZenDeskSupport.xcodeproj`
  2. Add libRNZenDeskSupport.a from Libraries/RNZenDeskSupport.xcodeproj/Products to Build Phases -> Link Binary With Libraries
  3. Verify $(SRCROOT)/../../react-native/React is included in Header Search Paths under Build Settings for the Libraries/RNZenDeskSupport.xcodeproj library you just added. Mark it as recursive

Manually Linking (Android)

dependencies {
    compile "com.facebook.react:react-native:+"  // From node_modules
+   compile project(':react-native-zendesk-support')
include ':app'
+ include ':react-native-zendesk-support'
+ project(':react-native-zendesk-support').projectDir = new File(rootProject.projectDir, '../node_modules/react-native-zendesk-support/android')

Configure Android (Must Do)

You need to add the following repository to your android/app/build.gradle file. If you do not already have a repositories section, add it at the root level of the file right before the dependencies section.

repositories {
    maven { url '' }
+ import com.robertsheao.RNZenDeskSupport.RNZenDeskSupport;

  public class MainApplication extends Application implements ReactApplication {

    protected List<ReactPackage> getPackages() {
      return Arrays.<ReactPackage>asList(
+         new RNZenDeskSupport(),
          new MainReactPackage()


Configure iOS (Must Do)

You need to follow the instructions to integrate the Zendesk Support SDK for iOS.

Personally, I use the CocoaPods implementation described in their documentation.


Import the module

import ZendeskSupport from 'react-native-zendesk-support';

Initialize Zendesk

const config = {
  appId: 'your_app_id',
  zendeskUrl: 'your_zendesk_url',
  clientId: 'your_client_id'
Note: You must initialize Zendesk prior to calling setupIdentity. Best place for it would be inside componentWillMount

Define an identity

// passing an identity to setupIdentity() is optional, pass null instead
const identity = {
  customerEmail: '',
  customerName: 'Foo Bar'
Note: You must define an identity prior to calling any support ticket or help center methods. Suggested places are inside componentWillMount or componentWillReceiveProps if your identity details aren't immediately available

Support Tickets

File a ticket

const customFields = {
  customFieldId: 'Custom Field Value'

Bring up ticket history


Help Center

Show help center


Show categories, e.g., FAQ


Show sections, e.g., Account Questions


Show labels, e.g., tacocat



The Help Center functions above support a second parameter, an object of options.

const options = {
  articleVotingEnabled: false,
  hideContactSupport: false,
  showConversationsMenuButton: false,
  withContactUsButtonVisibility: 'OFF'
ZendeskSupport.showHelpCenterWithOptions({ options })
ZendeskSupport.showCategoriesWithOptions(['categoryId'], { options })
ZendeskSupport.showSectionsWithOptions(['sectionId'], { options })
ZendeskSupport.showLabelsWithOptions(['tacocat'], { options })
articleVotingEnabled boolean
  • true (default) – Show voting buttons on articles
  • false – Hide voting buttons on articles
hideContactSupport boolean
  • true (default) – Shows contact support option in empty results and navigation bar on iOS
  • false – Hides contact support option in empty results and navigation bar on iOS
showConversationsMenuButton boolean
  • true (default) – Shows the right menu on Android which shows tickets
  • false – Hides the right menu on Android which shows tickets
withContactUsButtonVisibility string (case sensitive)
  • ARTICLE_LIST_AND_ARTICLE (default) – Show floating action button in list and article view
  • ARTICLE_LIST_ONLY – Show floating action button only in list views
  • OFF – Hide floating action button on articles and list views

Styling Category Headers (Android Only)

There is an out of the box issue with Zendesk SDK, as reported by Zendesk support staff themselves, where the expanded category headers use the same color as the top header. Unfortunately, the default top header color and the background color are very close and you can barely tell the text is even there when the category is expanded.

You're gonna need to update your android/app/src/main/res/values/styles.xml to extend from the ZendeskSdkTheme to define your own colors. Below is my own, you can change it to whatever you want your primary color to be.

    <style name="AppTheme" parent="ZendeskSdkTheme.Light">
      <item name="colorPrimary">#FF6240</item>

If you're interested in other things you can theme, or if you want to implement themes differently in Android, you can check out the Zendesk SDK documention.


Help Center has no content

First off, make sure your content is published. Secondly, you need to make sure to "Enable Guide" in your Zendesk settings so the content will appear. It is described under Enabling Help Center in setup mode in the official Zendesk Support documentation.

Help Center says "Failed to get categories"

You need to call ZendeskSupport.setupIdentity before calling help center.

Zendesk doesn't open for filing/viewing tickets or showing Help Center

You need to call ZendeskSupport.initialize before calling any other methods.

Custom Fields data doesn't appear in Zendesk agent dashboard

Custom fields need to be set to both "Visible" and "Editable" inside the Zendesk admin console.

Upcoming Features

  • Authenticate using JWT endpoint
  • Theme support (iOS only)
  • Show article by id
  • Hiding "Contact us" on iOS from article and list view