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Database import / export Rake tasks

This Rake extension provides many ways to import / export data to / from database. At this time, the available tasks only deal with CSV format.

Available tasks are :

  • db:import:csv - Import data from a CSV file right into the table associated to a given model
  • db:export:csv - Export data from the given model table into a CSV file
  • db:export:csv:all - It checks for presence, length, format and uniqueness. There is no guarantee that a validated email is real and deliverable.


In your Rails app root, use the following command-line:

cd lib/tasks
git clone git:// database


Import data from a CSV file into given model table:

# Your CSV file has headers
rake db:import:csv MODEL=my_model_to_fill CSV=path_to_csv_file.csv

# You want to purge the table before importing data
rake db:import:csv MODEL=my_model_to_fill CSV=path_to_csv_file.csv PURGE=boolean

# Your CSV file has no headers, fieldnames can be deduce, you have to specify it
rake db:import:csv MODEL=my_model_to_fill CSV=path_to_csv_file.csv FIELDS=field1_name,field2_name,...

Export given model data into CSV file:

# Data will be written to a file having the same name as the given model
rake db:export:csv MODEL=model_name

# Data will be written to the specified file
rake db:export:csv MODEL=model_name CSV=path_for_the_generated_csv_file.csv

Export all models data into many CSV files:

# All models data will be exported in separated CSV files according to their name
rake db:export:csv:all


For more information see Project homepage

Problems, comments, and suggestions are welcome on the issues system

Copyright (c) 2010 Synbioz, released under the MIT license

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