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Syncany v0.2.0-alpha

@binwiederhier binwiederhier released this
· 1037 commits to develop since this release
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  • Developer/alpha release (STILL NOT FOR PRODUCTION USE!)
  • Breaks compatiblity to 0.1.12-alpha local folders!
    From now on, breaking releases will always increase the minor version number.
  • Features and significant changes:
    • Allow plugin nesting and interaction via SimpleXML-ification (major!) #192/#240
    • Implement Dropbox plugin (use Dropbox-provided storage) #226
    • Implement RAID0 plugin (use two other plugins to extend storage) #191
    • Encrypt plugin credentials in config.xml #168
    • New syncany://-link format, support for short syncany://-links (with
      Syncany link shortener service), support for arbitrary link shorteners.
  • Bugfixes and other things:
    • Fix PURGE database file history entries disappear after merging (major!) #252
    • Fix database corruption issue (caused by #252) in #247
    • Fix cannot delete/rename folders on Windows #248
    • Set default log file if no log file given #258
    • Allow user and global plugins (Linux only) #259
    • Fix FTP plugin testRepoFileExists() with some FTP servers #262
    • Fix inconsistent DB after cleanup rollback (no issue ID)
    • Harmonize Plugin API OS description calls #264/#253