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@binwiederhier binwiederhier released this Mar 22, 2015 · 425 commits to develop since this release

  • Developer/alpha release (We are now nearing the beta phase. Stay tuned!)
  • Features and significant changes:
    • Unit tests for daemon #384/#397
    • Completely re-written Syncany API and website, and open-sourced it
      in the syncany-website repository #167
    • Added 3rd-party plugins, and a 3rd party flag in sy plugin list responses
    • Added sy update check to manually check for application updates #412
    • Added --no-delete option for up #263/#399
  • Bugfixes and other things:
    • Splitting test suite between unit and integration #384/#391
    • Allowing SFTP public key auth without private key password #390
    • Setting default maxMemory to 512M to enable booting in VMs/low memory devices.
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