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Syncany v0.4.5-alpha Pre-release
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@pimotte pimotte released this
· 280 commits to develop since this release
  • Developer/alpha release (We are now nearing the beta phase. Stay tuned!)
  • Features and significant changes:
    • Add default .syignore file with typically unwanted files (.DS_Store, ...) #393
    • Add 'prevent standby' toggle in GUI #387
    • Add theme and tray icon selector in GUI
    • Add update check to GUI in general settings panel, and daily update check #415
    • Add support for enums as transfer setting values #280
    • Add automatic OAuth token handling #426
    • Add support for feature aware transfer managers #452
  • Bugfixes and other things:
    • Make sure that plugin update on Windows is able to install snapshots #418
    • Working single repos for dropbox plugin #417
    • Fix Unity detection for tray icon selection #413
    • Fix Unity tray disappear after Python process crash by restarting #370
    • Several stability bugfixes #433
    • Don't use web sockets for IPC between daemon and GUI if in same JVM #373
    • Fix daemon PID empty error #439
    • Handle big repositories on dropbox backend better #353
    • Fix homebrew formula to use java >= 1.7 #449
    • Fix GUI not working with OAuth plugins #441