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The aim of Synclify is to enable two users to sync any kind of streaming service playback by simply sharing a room code similar to how works. Synclify is an ad-free open-source browser extension that syncs user's clicks in their browser through a websocket.
The project is currently in early development so bugs are to be expected.

How to contribute

Read more about contributing to Synclify in

Getting Started

First, run the development server:

pnpm dev
# or
npm run dev

Open your browser and load the appropriate development build. For example, if you are developing for the chrome browser, using manifest v3, use: build/chrome-mv3-dev.

For further guidance, visit the Documentation

Making production build

Run the following:

pnpm build
# or
npm run build

This should create a production bundle, ready to be zipped and published to the stores.

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