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Building Syncloud device is easy. You will need: ARM or x64 computer, power adapter, ethernet cable, disk or SD card. You will also need a computer to create a boot disk or SD card. Just follow the instruction below.

Download Image

Here's the list of supported boards and links to image files:

Board Name Syncloud Image
Banana Pi M1 Download
Banana Pi M1+ Download
Banana Pi M2 Download
Banana Pi M3 Download
Cubieboard Download
Cubieboard 2 Download
Cubietruck Download
BeagleBone Black Download
Raspberry Pi 2 (B) Download
Raspberry Pi 3 (B, B+) Download
Raspberry Pi 4 (B) Download
Odroid C2 Download
Odroid XU3 Download
Odroid HC1 SD, SATA, info
Odroid HC2 SD, SATA, info
Odroid XU4 Download
Odroid N2 Download
Odroid U3 Download
Tinker Download
Helios4 Download
Rock64 Download
x64 Virtual Box Download, info
x64 Linux Docker info
x64 Syncloud OS Download, info

Write Image

  1. Write image to a disk or SD card with Etcher image writer

Be careful and detach other external drives before writing so you do not erase everything from it accidentally.

  1. Insert disk or SD card into device and boot it.

Your Syncloud device is ready. Follow this instruction to activate it.


Default SSH credentials for non-activated device. Login: root, password: syncloud

During the activation you will set your own device password which will become also your ssh root password.

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