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Official documents of the Syncthing Foundation
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The Syncthing Foundation

This repository contains the official, public documents of the Syncthing Foundation. The Syncthing Foundation is a Swedish non-profit foundation ("stiftelse").

The foundation website is at


The foundation bylaws have this to say about the purpose of the foundation:

The purpose of the foundation is to maintain and encourage development and usage of the free software Syncthing and its required infrastructure. The foundation can provide grants on its own initiative, or by application according to the rules put forth by the board.

This is quite general, and in practice it means the foundation pays for the infrastructure required to run Syncthing (like this website, discovery servers, build servers, and so on), but is open to providing grants for specific projects that further the cause.


The Syncthing Foundation can be officially reached at You can also reach out to the board members, listed below, individually.

Members of the Board

As of 2019-08-09 these are the members of the board:

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