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@calmh calmh released this Jan 10, 2017 · 11 commits to master since this release

This is a regularly scheduled bugfix and improvement release recommended for all users.

Resolved issues:

  • #3846: Changing bandwidth rate limits now takes effect immediately without restart.
  • #3859: The event log (-audit) can now be directed to stderr for piping into another program.
  • #3584: A panic on folder listing at startup has been fixed.
  • #3857: On Windows, we now make sure to never descend into directory symlinks.
  • #3819: When a folder is deleted, the .stfolder marker is also removed. The ignore file and .stversions directory are retained, if present.
  • #3839: Several scenarios where a device would get stuck with "not a directory" errors are now handled again.
  • #3861: Third party copyrights in the about box are now more up to date.


Hashing performance has been improved again, after it was inadvertently reduced in v0.14.17.



@calmh calmh released this Dec 27, 2016 · 35 commits to master since this release

This is a normally scheduled feature and bugfix release.

Resolved issues:

  • #3689: Panics caused by corrupt on disk database are now better explained in the panic message.
  • #3817: Statically configured device addresses without port number now correctly defaults to port 22000 again.
  • #3829: Inotify clients no longer cause 'invalid subpath' errors to be displayed.

New and improved functionality:

  • #215: Folders can now be paused.
  • #2679: "Master" folders are now called "send only" in order to standardize on a terminology of sending and receiving changes.
  • #3407: Pausing devices and folders now persists across restarts.
  • #3527: A rolling checksum is used to identify and reuse blocks that have moved within a file.
  • #3790: Syncthing allows setting the type-of-service field on outgoing packets, configured by the advanced setting "trafficClass".
  • #3809: Which device introduced another device is now visible in the GUI.



@calmh calmh released this Dec 14, 2016 · 83 commits to master since this release

This is a security release recommended for all users.

Two distinct security vulnerabilities have been corrected in this release. Either would let a remote attacker, controlling a device that is already accepted by Syncthing, perform arbitrary reads and writes to files outside the configured folders.

The first issue is that path validation was lacking in several places, resulting in Syncthing accepting index entries for files like "../../foo", thus resulting in a path above the configured folder.

The second issue is that where path validation was correct, symlinks could be used to trick Syncthing. An attacker could create a symlink "foo -> ../../" and then request the contents of "foo/something", again escaping the constraints of the folder.

Syncing symlinks between v0.14.14 and previous versions will not work.

This is due to the fix to the above issue. Normal files and directories will sync fine. To continue syncing symlinks, both sides must be upgraded to v0.14.14.

Further resolved issues:

  • #3753: The build no longer requires Go 1.7.
  • #3769: The wording in the GUI around "last file received" is now clearer.



@calmh calmh released this Nov 22, 2016 · 120 commits to master since this release

This is a minor release recommended for all users.

Resolved issues:

  • #3737: A data race in the code that caused test failures, and possibly other inconsitencies, has been resolved.
  • #3241: Links in warning messages are now clickable in the GUI.
  • #3711: Files are now synced to disk before committed to database, to avoid possible inconsistencies if a power failure occurs during syncing.
  • #3724: Log entries now mention folder by label in addition to the ID.

In addition:

  • The default folder now has the folder ID "default" again, simplifying initial setup.
  • Retries for misconfigured relay setups are slowed down somewhat to be kinder on our relay pool infrastructure.



@calmh calmh released this Nov 15, 2016 · 135 commits to master since this release

This is a minor release recommended for all users.

Resolved issues

  • #1015: Introducers can now remove devices that they introduced
  • #3726: Syncthing now correctly reconnects to staticly configured relays
  • #3718: strelaysrv: No longer crashes with "panic: send on closed channel"
  • #3682: strelaysrv: Binding to a specific address now works better
  • #3710: Folder information in the GUI now uses icons and tooltips


Syncthing is now available on the Ubuntu store as a "snap". To try it out,

$ sudo snap install --candidate syncthing

Note that the default config and sync directories are a little different than when installed otherwise, due to the sandboxing that the snap format provides.



@calmh calmh released this Nov 1, 2016 · 161 commits to master since this release

This is a minor release recommended for all users.

Resolved issues:

  • #3623: Display of global and local state is clearer, especially in the presence of ignores.
  • #3647: GUI does not show "failed items" unless there are items that have failed.


  • Fixes to questionmark and asterisk handling in ignore patterns.
  • Build script can create a snap file.
  • "Black" theme re-added.
  • Debugging options for deadlocks.