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@st-release st-release released this Jul 24, 2018 · 398 commits to master since this release


  • #4854: macOS panic in FS watcher setup
  • #4925: Deleted files within deleted directories aren't detected with FS watcher
  • #4944: Edit Folder UI displays default "Full Rescan Interval (s)" value instead of the actual one
  • #4981: Race on folder restart
  • #4983: Impossible to edit folder with path "/"
  • #4990: Incorrect large block size chosen for large files on 32 bit archs
  • #4994: Database schema from the future should be rejected
  • #5002: v0.14.48 panic: runtime error: index out of range
  • #5017: "kiB" should be "KiB"
  • #5025: Stuck in CPU consuming accept loop when out of file descriptors
  • #5050: Filesystem watcher doesn't notify changes on Windows when the file size remains the same


  • #4863: Snap package could use removable-media slot
  • #4953: Speed up delete propagation when it's not a rename
  • #4969: Executable files edited on Windows should retain execute bit on Unixes
  • #4977: Disable rescan button while scanning instead of hiding it

Other issues:

  • #4900: Replace deprecated with standard library's os
  • #5000: Snap build is broken
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