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@st-release st-release released this 01 Oct 05:38

This release adds the "databaseTuning" config option to adjust parameters for the database size in use. The default is "auto" which automatically determines appropriate parameters. The other options are "small" (results in the parameters used previously, and used now for small databases) and "large" (results in the new parameters for large databases, regardless of the actual database size).


  • #5985: Log spam and high CPU use if #include path is wrong in .stignore


  • #5138: Rate limit can be very bursty
  • #5948: Improve free space checking when syncing
  • #5966: Database performance: improve situation with huge databases

Other issues

  • #5924: Upgrade server JSON generator
  • #5991: lib/api: TestHostCheck never finishes with Go 1.13rc2 under Docker
  • #5999: Allow providing your own ldflags for building