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Open source syndicated loan software
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Introducing loansum

Loansum is the introductory open source offering from SyndLoanHub, LLC. Loansum is the first open source Java library designed to accurately model syndicated loan cash flows and valuation. Financial software developers can use loansum to construct or extend applications with genuine syndicated loan support.

loansum is open source

Native loan software is notoriously complex and expensive. Only a handful of software vendors model loans accurately with enough support to produce detailed cash flows with accompanying explanations. Loansum was developed to establish a free and open source library around which a community of stakeholders could evolve to continuously extend the software over time. Loansum is released as Open Source Software under the Apache v2.0 license. This is a widely used, business-friendly, license.

Strata foundation

The design and implementation of loansum is based on Strata, the award-winning open source analytics and market risk library from OpenGamma. Loansum’s Strata foundation lays the groundwork for providing future versions of loansum that include sophisticated market risk analytics by projecting future bank loan cash flows and evaluating credit spread and interest rate scenarios.

The best way to get acquainted with loansum is to visit our website There is also a SyndLoanHub email group where questions, issues, and feature requests can be posted.

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