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This is a proof-of-concept example for tying several APIs together, based on Jeremiah Cohick's fitbit-hapi-demo.

It uses:

  • Fitbit
  • Twilio (to send SMS's to remind you to step it up when you're lagging)

For the OAuth piece: This is a proof of concept example for using the Fitbit Web API. It demonstrates:

  • Obtaining consent from a user to make requests to the Fitbit Web API using OAuth 2.0 Authorization Code Flow
  • Subscribing to changes in the user's activity data
  • Receiving notifications when the user's activity data is updated

This example app uses NeDB, a flat-file database similar to Mongo. It's meant to be easy to demo, not highly scalable.

This example assumes you're using Node.js 4.2.x

To run on Modulus:

  • Download the modulus toolkit using npm install -g modulus
  • modulus signup
  • modulus login from the root directory of the repository
  • modulus project create to create a new project. Name it as you wish.
  • modulus deploy from the root directory of the repository to deploy the code, which will give you your modulus server name.

Create a new application in Fitbit

  • Visit
  • Create a new application
  • Set your OAuth redirect URI to: your-modulus-server-here/signin
  • Set your subscriber endpoint URI to: your-modulus-server-here/webhook-receiver

Set environment variables on Modulus

Set the environment variables using the instructions at


Get a Twilio account from, and set the following variables in modulus:


Set your phone number for SMS Messages in Modulus


(PORT and CLOUD_DIR will be automatically added by Modulus)