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Welcome to the SynergyCP Package Development wiki!


First, you will need to install the developer version of SynergyCP:

  1. Install the SynergyCP Docker swarm (you must run this as a user with sudo access). Warning: this is a very large application and can end up taking 20+GB of space due to all of the operating system files. You may delete those files from the system after the installation if you do not plan on testing OS reloads from your development server. They are located in /scp/pxe/file/srv/.

    cd /tmp && wget && bash
  2. For convenience, it is recommended that you setup non-root access to docker using the instructions here.

  3. Add 

    to /etc/hosts. If you are running docker in a virtual machine or remote server, you should do this on your development machine and replace with the IP of your VM/server.

Package Architecture

SynergyCP Packages are like small Laravel applications. The default folder structure will be very familiar for anyone who has used Laravel, but you are free to modify it. Packages can register their own Routes, Service Providers, and can use Database Migrations.

Please read through the links on the sidebar (to the right) for further information.

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