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Version 1.10 of STLSoft libraries

Current Status (April 2021)

NOTE: STLSoft version 1.10 as obtained from its Github repository is not yet released as a non-beta. Users should not obtain the master branch, but should instead use the latest beta of [STLSoft, v 1.10] branch. Each beta-branch contains a full set of all STLSoft library components current at the time of its release.

Impending 1.10 release

Working now (February 2021) on the 1.10 release candidate, and expect to be done by end of March 2021.


1.10.1 beta-33 (Latest) - 26th April 2021

  • Clang-compatibility

1.10.1 beta-32 - 26th April 2021

  • GCC/Clang-compatibility

1.10.1 beta-31 - 2nd April 2021

  • Clang-compatibility

1.10.1 beta-30 - 29th March 2021

  • Clang-compatibility

1.10.1 beta-29 - 16th February 2021

  • a whole lot of Clang- and GCC-compatibility

1.10.1 beta-28 - 18th January 2021

  • added character-array overloads of fast_strftime()
  • WinSTL hard link information functions now work for directories as well as files
  • various defect fixes

1.10.1 beta-27 - 10th January 2021

  • added string access shims for std::chrono type(s)
  • some GCC compatibility tweaks

1.10.1 beta-26 - 4th January 2021

  • added (UNIXSTL and WinSTL) Path Classification API (from 1.12 work), which work with Windows UNC and long-path root designators and all slash conventions
  • added (UNIXSTL and WinSTL) path parsing function - include/???stl/filesystem/path_parse_functions.h, presenting a consistent set of functions centralised from disparate parts of the libraries
  • BREAKING CHANGES: (UNIXSTL and WinSTL) basic_path<> methods get_file() and get_ext() now return slices, and get_ext() changed semantics to include '.'
  • (UNIXSTL and WinSTL) basic_path<> added move semantics and get_location() method and made swap() method public, as well as numerous defect fixes and consistency improvements implemented in terms of new Path Classification API
  • (UNIXSTL and WinSTL) filesystem_traits<> added path classification and path parsing methods, as well as numerous defect fixes
  • updated copyright info for all files, from Synesis Software to Synesis Information Systems
  • stlsoft::basic_path_buffer<> added resize(), back(), front() methods
  • added stlsoft_C_(str|wcs)nicmp()
  • raw (C) string slice types moved out of stlsoft:: namespace in C++
  • C++14 compatibility
  • a whole lot of work to reduce dependencies
  • many improvements to GCC compatibility
  • all uses of memcpy() and memset() now in terms of abstractions (in stlsoft/api/internal/memfns.h)
  • BREAKING CHANGES: ~ abstracted out string-handling from ???stl::system_traits<> into stlsoft::c_string_traits<>, and removed several unused (and sketchy) functions

1.10.1 beta-25 - 14th December 2020

  • added two more files missing from beta 23 - D'oh!

1.10.1 beta-24 - 13th December 2020

  • added file unixstl/filesystem/path_buffer.hpp missing from beta 23

1.10.1 beta-23 - 13th December 2020

  • basic_file_path_buffer<> is now deprecated in all projects, and all dependent components are modified to use other facilities
  • added platformstl::environment_variable<> class template
  • added (in)equality operators for stlsoft::error_desc
  • added stlsoft::basic_path_buffer<> component, as an alternative to basic_file_path_buffer<>
  • stlsoft::auto_buffer<> class template copy_from() method, and ctor and resize() method that take value for initialisation of (new) elements
  • added stlsoft::strnpbrkn()/wcsnpbrkn() (and added stlsoft_C_(str|wcs)npbrkn())
  • added move constructor to unixstl::module and winstl::module
  • large number of new methods and defect fixes in (platformstl|unixstl|winstl)::filesystem_traits
  • large number of new methods and defect fixes in (platformstl|unixstl|winstl)::system_traits

1.10.1 beta-22 - 29th November 2020

  • added stlsoft::string_to_integer_range()
  • added stlsoft::strnchr(), stlsoft::strnistrn(), stlsoft::strnstrn() C-style string search functions
  • added move constructor to stlsoft::auto_buffer<>
  • added move constructor for stlsoft::scoped_handle<>
  • added move constructor for stlsoft::(basic_)simple_string<>
  • winstl::output_debug_line() overloads expanded to 16-parameters, and changed to use variadic templates where supported
  • stlsoft::split() functions enhanced to: return vector of arbitrary length; allow heterogeneous types for the split elements
  • stlsoft::string_switch() split into two overloads to handle property and unambiguously flag enums, regular enums, and enum classes
  • significant, BREAKING changes to stlsoft::try_parse_to() overloads to avoid ambiguity
  • changed significantly the way in which stlsoft::cstring_maker works, and adjusted all dependent code
  • various additions for compatibility with std::string_view (which is very similar to stlsoft::string_view)
  • fixed case of a bunch of headers

1.10.1 beta-21 - 27th July 2020

  • VC++ 15/16 compatibility
  • fixed unixstl::readdir_sequence::empty()

1.10.1 beta-20 - 4th July 2020

  • fixed detecton of std::shared_ptr and std::unique_ptr

1.10.1 beta-19 - 4th July 2020

  • added stlsoft::t2w, stlsoft::w2t, stlsoft::t2a, stlsoft::a2t for upcoming Pantheios release
  • added stream insertion operator (generic) for string slice types
  • added compatibility with Visual C++ 15.x and 16.x
  • added support for the ARM architecture (christopherplawrence)

1.10.1 beta-18 - 31st October 2019

  • added stlsoft/system/environment/functions.hpp to enhance stlsoft::environment_variable_exists() with string access shims to support arbitrary string type
  • remove vestigial (and erroneous) winstl/string/spin_policies.hpp
  • various documentation fixes

1.10.1 beta-17 - 24th October 2019

  • GCC 8 compatibility
  • GCC 9 compatibility
  • implemented WinSTL_C_FileInformation_get_SECURITY_DESCRIPTOR_w()
  • improved documentation

1.10.1 beta-16 - 13th October 2019

  • added stlsoft_C_environment_variable_exists_a() / environment_variable_exists() (from STLSoft 1.10-alpha)
  • added stlsoft::count_bits(int) overload
  • added cbegin(), cend(), crbegin(), crend() to platformstl::environment_map
  • significant additions and removals of WinSTL file creation functions
  • added WinSTL security functions (from STLSoft 1.10-alpha)
  • automatic recognising Mac OSX architecture as UNIX
  • canonicalising '\file' description sections
  • suppresses deprecation warning from reporting use of deprecated functions inside other deprecated functions

1.10.1 beta-15 - 13th September 2019

  • added stlsoft::fast_strftime() and stlsoft::fast_wcsftime() as (partial) drop-in replacements for std::strftime() and std::wcsftime()
  • added stlsoft::get_ptr() attribute shim overloads for std::shared_ptr and std::unique_ptr
  • added stlsoft::get_top() attribute shim
  • added stlsoft::basic_string_view<>::substr()
  • added winstl_C_format_message_strerror_w()
  • removed stlsoft::literal_cast<>
  • various portability improvements to newer compilers

1.10.1 beta-14 - 4th August 2019

  • added SECURITY_DESCRIPTOR helpers()
  • stlsoft::w2m and stlsoft::m2w now more general

1.10.1 beta-13 - 16th April 2019

  • platformstl::FILE_stream : ~ fixing character-encoding function selection defect
  • canonicalising source file structure

1.10.1 beta-12 - 26th December 2018

  • added sas_to_string() (and related) functions
  • added stlsoft::errno_exception (from 1.12 branch)
  • added stlsoft::locale_scope
  • STLSoft's struct tm String Access Shims now work for arbitrary locale
  • UNIXSTL's timeval String Access Shims now work for arbitrary locale

1.10.1 beta-11 - 22nd December 2018

  • stlsoft::ref_ptr : + borrow(); + own()
  • UNIXSTL special string instances : + added standard string access shims
  • winstl::environment_variable : + data(); + equal(); + equal_ignore_case(); + exists(); + operator ==() and !=()

1.10.1 beta-10 - 20th December 2018

  • winstl::process_mutex() now takes an optional EVENT handle which will be signalled if the mutex experiences an abandoned acquire
  • special_string_instance now provides generic (SAS) (in)equality operators automatically
  • try_parse_to_bool() semantics firmed up

1.10.1 beta-9 - 12th June 2018

  • Borland compatibility

1.10.1 beta-8 - 11th June 2018

  • fixing break to UNIX-compatibility introduced in beta-6/7

1.10.1 beta-7 - 9th June 2018

  • auto_buffer<> now supports limited form of pointer arithmethic via operator -()
  • added subscript operator for auto_array_destructor<>
  • VC++ 14.1x compatibility
  • refactoring of copy-proscriptions

1.10.1 beta-6 - 9th June 2018

  • refactored in terms of external API
  • removed empty/meaningless "compatibility" sections
  • canonicalising proscribed construction methods
  • simplifying, and prospective changes (for getting to 1.12)


STLSoft 1.10 (current latest STLSoft)




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