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PHP 5 library to aid in development of map-based applications. Based on Ruby's Geokit.

What can it do?

Just about anything Geokit can do, minus the Rails specific helpers:

  • Distance calculations between two points on the earth. Calculate the distance in miles or KM, with all the trigonometry abstracted away by GeoHelper.
  • Geocoding from multiple providers. It supports Google, Yahoo, Bing,, Geonames, and more. GeoHelper provides a uniform response structure from all of them. It also provides a fail-over mechanism, in case your input fails to geocode in one service.
  • IP-based location lookup utilizing Provide an IP address, and get city name and latitude/longitude in return.


Geocode an address:

include_once 'geo_helper/init.php';
$api = new GeoHelperMultiGeocoder();
$rc = $api->geocode('100 Spear st, San Francisco, CA');
echo $rc->ll()  // ll=latitude,longitude

Find the address near a latitude/longitude (reverse geocoding):

include_once 'geo_helper/init.php';
$api = new GeoHelperGoogleGeocoder();
$rc = $api->reverseGeocode(array('37.792821', '-122.393992'));
echo $rc->fullAddress()
>> 36-98 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94105, USA

Find distances, headings, endpoints, and midpoints:

include_once 'geo_helper/init.php';
$distance = $home->distanceFrom($work, array('units' => 'miles'));
$heading = $home->headingTo($work); // result is in degrees, 0 is north
$endpoint = $home->endpoint(90, 2); // two miles due east
$midpoint = $home->midpointTo($work);

Test if a point is contained within bounds:

include_once 'geo_helper/init.php';
$bounds = new GeoHelperBounds($sw_point, $ne_point);

Find distance to a second location with on-the-fly geocoding:

include_once 'geo_helper/init.php';
$api = new GeoHelperMultiGeocoder();
$location = $api->geocode('100 Spear St, San Francisco, CA');
$distance = $location->distanceFrom('555 Battery St, San Francisco, CA');


To set the API keys for providers that require them:

GeoHelperGeocoderUsGeocoder::$key = "username:password";
GeoHelperYahooGeocoder::$key = "your_key";  // Yahoo v1
GeoHelperPlaceFinderGeocoder::$key = "your_key";  // Yahoo v2
GeoHelperBingGeocoder::$key = "your_key";

To set the order of providers when using the GeoHelperMultiGeocoder:

// valid keys are: GeocoderUs, Yahoo, PlaceFinder, Bing, Google 
GeoHelper::$provider_order = array('Google', 'PlaceFinder');

// valid keys are: GeoPlugin, HostIp
GeoHelper::$ip_provider_order = array('GeoPlugin', 'HostIp');

Running the tests

You'll need PHPUnit 3.4+ installed to run the test suite.

  • Open test/phpunit.xml.dist and modify as needed.
  • Rename to phpunit.xml
  • Run phpunit from within /test directory.

Copyright (c) 2010 Matthew Vince, released under the MIT license