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New action "Make outline", "Make advanced outline" and "Make region"

blackwarthog added some commits Aug 6, 2013
@blackwarthog blackwarthog New action LayerAutlineRegion, which creates new outline layer. Not
creates vertices link. No GUI entry.
@blackwarthog blackwarthog Register OutlineRegion action common actions list (make visible in GUI) 40ffee5
@blackwarthog blackwarthog Test implementation of outline region action - creates blank outline. d9c08f6
@blackwarthog blackwarthog OutlineRegion action now creates valid outline with default witdh b0dbc4f
@blackwarthog blackwarthog Extract applying default param values from method
CanvasInterface::add_layer_to() into separate method
CanvasInterface::apply_layer_param_defaults(). So default parameters can
be applied for already created layers.
@blackwarthog blackwarthog OutlineRegion action now creates outline with current color, width etc 866e35c
@blackwarthog blackwarthog OutlineRegion action: fix depth of new outline 2cdad51
@blackwarthog blackwarthog Hide OutlineRegion action when it not applicable for selected layer 19f4116
@blackwarthog blackwarthog Renamed layeroutlineregion.h to layermakebline.h, and
layeroutlineregion.cpp to layermakebline.cpp
@blackwarthog blackwarthog Rename c303571
@blackwarthog blackwarthog New actions instead "outline region": "Make Outline", "Make Advanced
Outline", "Make Region". All of these available for layers with "bline"
("Vertices") parameter.
@blackwarthog blackwarthog Improve Action::LayerMakeBline.
Types of possioble "base" layers configured individually for "make
outline", "make advanced outline" and "make region" actions. So "make
outline" available for advanced outlines and regions, "make advanced
outline" for outline and regions etc...

New regions creates behind selected layer.
@genete genete merged commit e6edd7f into synfig:master Aug 14, 2013
@blackwarthog blackwarthog deleted the blackwarthog:contour-tools branch Feb 13, 2014
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