Synfig 1.2.0

@morevnaproject morevnaproject released this Dec 24, 2016 · 81 commits to master since this release

  • Feature: Rendering engine completely rewritten and optimized. Thanks to Ivan Mahonin.
  • Reduced memory usage for image layers (2-4 times comparing to version 1.0.2). Thanks to Ivan Mahonin.
  • Feature: Integration with Papagayo lipsync software. Demonstration - Thanks to Ivan Mahonin.
  • New layer: Free Time. Thanks to Ivan Mahonin.
  • New converter: Animated File - allows to read waypoints from external files (only PGO files supported right now). Thanks to Ivan Mahonin.
  • Completely reworked preferences dialogue. Thanks to Yu Chen (concept), Jerome Blanchi (implementation) and Caryoscelus (fixes).
  • Utilize multiple threads when rendering via CLI. Thanks to Ivan Mahonin.
  • Switch Group now displays "ghost" elements for missing switch elements. Thanks to Ivan Mahonin.
  • Split and merged tangents now displayed in different way. Thanks to Jerome Blanchi.
  • Selecting handle on the workarea now highlights the corresponding parameter in the Parameters Panel. Thanks to Jerome Blanchi.
  • Alt+0 used to show/hide all handles. Thanks to Jerome Blanchi.
  • Synfig code now compatible with C++11 (see issue #904). Thanks to Jerome Blanchi.
  • Tooltips for group transformation widget. Thanks to Jerome Blanchi.
  • Fixed behavior of “Insert Item” action for Splines (it should be different from “Insert item & Keep shape” action). Thanks to Ivan Mahonin.
  • Fix crash when manipulating with guides. Alow to remove guides by dragging them back to onto rulers. Thanks to Jerome Blanchi.
  • Zoom level now can be edited via dedicated widget in the bottom-left corner of Canvas Window. Thanks to Caryoscelus.
  • Now it is possible to hide File buttons on the toolbar to save horizontal space. Available via “Edit” -> “Preferences” -> “Preferences”. Thanks to Caryoscelus.
  • Fixed readability of “Current Time” text widget when using dark theme. Thanks to Chris London.
  • Time Loop Layer, Free Time Layer and Stroboscope Layer placed into separate “Time” category. Thanks to Caryoscelus.
  • Fix HSV color panel not updated when opened. Thanks to Jerome Blanchi.
  • Fix #234: Objects created with opacity less than 1.0. Thanks to Caryoscelus.
  • Fixed crash on attempt to edit “spline point”, “width point” or “dash item” in Parameters Panel. Thanks to Caryoscelus.
  • Fixed issues with loading sif files generated by Inkscape (bug #883).
  • "Add" converter now supports reverse manipulations for Vector value types. Thanks to Ivan Mahonin.